Monday, September 03, 2012

Not Tacky in Khaki

Polo Top : Style&Co.
Shorts : Dream Come True
Belt : from Hongkong
Bag : Fendi
Wedge : Lovely Shoes

No longer for adventurers and animal lovers, Khaki has made its way into our hearts and on to the streets. Matching perfectly with your wardrobe favourites adding a splash of khaki to your look is sure to take you to a whole new level.

On to my look, this is just a quick (phone shots) outfit post. I wore a simple button-down shirt. I love button-down because they're timeless and o
ne of the great items that can fit into almost any wardrobe. It can easily be paired with jeans or trousers, shorts and skirt, etc. In short, it's also versatile like the khaki. The button-down and khaki are also one of the basic pieces that our wardrobe should have. I just added a big belt to cinch my waist, a few accessories and finished it off with my leopard print wedges. And, that's it for my quick look. What can you say kuya Kim? LOL :)


  1. Hello beautiful!!! Nice shoes,i love them. What about following each other? I'm already following you, have a look at my blog and leave me a comment if you like it. I hope that u like it, kisses.

  2. Hi! Ana, thanks. Sure let's follow each other :)