Sunday, August 04, 2013

The Pretty Tiger

Top : from Hongkong
Shorts : Lamp
Sunnies : Glamfinds
Belt : Forever 21
Watch : YSL
Heels : Venus

Despite being a full-time Mom and House Slave(LoL!) Well, it's been a month since our maid left us and I have no choice but to do all the chores. It's fulfilling for me because now I can manage our house properly. Sometimes or most of the times tiring and I just hate it when our laundry is mountain high(LOL!) and I do the same things over and over again. But I tried to love it and enjoy it because at least now I can do things on my own without any help and besides it's part of being a Mother(hehehe). What I also love about it is that now I can cook food for my children and bake desserts for them #simplethings #littlethings #motherlove you know! Hehehe :)

Anyway, enough of my chores thing and let's go to my look owkei! Whenever I go out I see to it that I always dress at my best. Why not chocknut? I believe that "Life is too short to wear boring clothes" right? And besides I really love dressing-up obviously I'm a Fashion Slave hahaha!

With my outfit, I love my cutie Tiger Print Top and I just paired it with my favorite shorts ever. I added some edge to my look by wearing these bracelets and to make everything more fabulous, I wore my deadly weapon spikey heels(LOL!).

Well, that's it again! Until my next post :)

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