Tuesday, February 12, 2013

TV Guesting: PFB in GNN44 "Personalan"

Last Friday, I together with my Pampanga Fashion Bloggers friends Khai, Kinsley and Nicko were invited to guest at a local TV station (GNN 44 or Channel 8) here in Pampanga which is "PERSONALAN" for a segment about fashion and blogging.   It was such a privileged for me to guest in this show and I am so grateful to be part of Pampanga Fashion Bloggers. I can proudly say that all our hard works has been recognized. It was really an enjoyable experienced for us and we had so much to talk about especially when it comes to fashion. For this episode, it aimed to inform our Cabalens about the new trends today and also what is fashion blogging all about. 

If you're from Pampanga, please watch out for the full episode at GNN 44 or SCN Cable Channel 8 soon!

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