Thursday, February 14, 2013

Animalistic Appeal

Dress : Forever 21
Blazer : from Hong Kong
Necklace : Samau Boutique
Bag : Nina Ricci (Paris)
Heel-less : Mags Boutique

The old adage is "A leopard can't change its spots," and it's never been more appropriate. The animal print trend has been in style for so long now that it's less of a trend, and more of a rule. There was a brief moment in the '80s where the pattern was considered déclassé, but that time has definitely passed.

Nowadays, a lot of celebrities and street fashionistas are spotted wearing Animal Print. It's very rare to see a girl out without at least one animal print item or accessory.

The rule is to wear only one piece of animal print at a time-- the rest of your look should be simple and neutral. Whatever you do, avoid pulling animal prints of various shapes and colors, and the result will be "tacky". It's better to go for the simple yet classy look and "Less is More" right?

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