Monday, February 25, 2013


Top/Dress : Jenny Brand
Earrings : Accessorize
Sunnies : From Hongkong
Bag : Celine (Macadam Canvas)
Heels : Sole Desire

Sometimes I also feel bad about being petite/skinny (You think I'm so lucky! kala nyo ha?  LOL!), I'm so frustrated to gain weight but what can I do. My body is by no means perfect but I accept and embrace it. I think there are advantages and disadvantages to every body type and that each one is beautiful in their own way. Aside from that, what I love about being "Petite" is that I can save money from buying clothes and I can wear a top into a dress in an instant or fit into everything even children's clothes (hahaha!). And the privilege of wearing gigantic platforms and high heels. 

Everybody has their own challenges ...short or tall , the first thing that comes through is the person's ability to feel good in their own skin. For ME, " BEAUTY IS NOT IN THE SIZE, IT'S WHAT IN THE INSIDE THAT MATTERS" (but I still wish that someday I'll still gain even just a few pounds hahaha!) :)

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