Tuesday, February 05, 2013


" Mohair shirt:check. Torn jeans : check. Jackie-O shades: check. Wide-brimmed Victoria Beckham hat: check. Boots: ctsheck Designer bag: check. Model: TSE-K " LOL!

Top : from US
Shorts : Fiorucci Jeans (Old)
Belt : Giordano
Sunnies : Tom Ford
Hat : SM Accessories
Bag : Christian Dior
Socks : Ralph Lauren
Sneakers : Isabel

 Last week, we had a 4 day vacation/trip together with my friends and we went to Banaue, Sagada and Baguio. We really planned for that vacation for a long time though and finally it happened. We we're all very excited because most of us it's our first time to visit the Mountain Province. I was also very excited because I know that the weather will be cold and I'll be able to wear layers of clothing like what other people usually do in other countries when it's winter season, although it's never gonna get snow here in the Philippines(How I wish!Hahaha!) but at least the weather was still a bit colder and I can channel some of my winter outfits hahaha! 

Anyway, we were expecting that it's gonna be super cold in Mountain Province but when we arrived there the weather was just fine and wearing shorts was still be possible. It was just a bit breezy and the coldness was still tolerable.

OK! With my OOTD, when we left for Banaue, it was a little bit colder because of the fog but then when we arrived in Mountain Province the weather became fine. So I removed my furry Jacket and leggings and boots and changed it into this more comfy sweater and then I paired it with this denim shorts and sneakers. Of course I also brought along with me my wide brimmed hat and some chunky sunnies in case it's gonna be hot and I needed some protection from the sun.

I know that we're gonna go hiking and caving and nature tripping but who says you can't be fashionable even if you'll be going to a mountain right? Well I did! Hahaha!

By the way, pardon me for my photos because I wasn't able to take some decent outfit shots because my husband was the one holding our camera(hehehe!), but I'm still lucky because my friend (ate Dalsa) helped me took some of this quick outfit shots from my phone.
*Thank you so much Sissy Dalsa(Love yah mwah!)*

Well, that's it for now! I'll be posting my extreme adventures in Sagada and that'll be next so stand-by!

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