Thursday, February 28, 2013

Animal Instinct

 Knitted Top : From Hongkong
Shorts : Boo's Jeans
Earrings & Belt : Forever 21
Sunnies : Miblas Boutique
Watch : Lanvin (Paris)
Bag : Christian Dior
Booties : From Hongkong

Summer is fast approaching and I simply couldn't be more thrilled. I can already feel the scorching heat of the sun. Anyway, I'm really so excited for it and I can't wait to wear bikinis and go to the beach, outings with my family and friends, and have a lot of fun on the sun (Hahaha!). 

Here are Some Essential Things 
that every girl needs this summer:

A bikini, & many trips to the beach. Everyone needs a great swimsuit!

Flower Crowns. They add definite pizazz to any outfit.

Wonderful hats. Ideal on bad hair days, perfect when it’s windy, & invaluable when you actually don’t want anyone to see your face!

Arm Parties. Layer them up with a watch & mix and match several pieces on your wrist.

Cute tank tops to tuck into high-waisted skirts.

Denim Shorts. An essential piece of summer clothing which can be worn with almost anything.

MAXI's. Don’t be afraid of the maxi-dress or skirt. They are wonderful, elegant & flattering, no matter your height.

A bright, colourful headscarf for disguising bad hair days. You can cover your entire head with it, fold it into a thin strip & wear like a headband, or even twist it up into a turban style.

Feather earrings. What could be more definitive of summer than a pair of feather earrings? 

 A pair of t-strap heels. They’re perfect with sundresses & best of all, they’ll stay on your feet!

A fantastic pair of sunglasses. Not only are they the ultimate fashion accessory, they also stop you from constantly squinting your eyes, which means (theoretically?!) that you will be less crinkle-eyed as you age!

A bright satchel to carry your essentials. Banish your black handbag to the back of the closet because for summer, you need a bright, light bag for toting around your knick-knacks.

Comfy Flats.A pair of flats can easily see through a dressy event in style. Look for enigmatic materials, like patent leather, suede, satin or snakeskin or with embellishments.

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