Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Do-It-Myself Dressmaking Projects

I always wanted to be a Fashion Designer and Dressmaker, I think I took the wrong course which is Hotel and Restaurant Management... I never really know how to cook. Maybe I know some like pa-fry-fry and with sabaw (hahaha). Anyway, as what I've said, I'm a frustrated dressmaker, I'm so interested when I see dressmakers make clothes, they're so talented. So, I challenged myself that I'll be making my own clothes too from scratch...hahaha! Well, here are some of what I did. Yes, I was the one who sew this clothes, believe me!

This is my Do-It-Myself Sheer Maxi Skirt.  You can put a black shorts in it or just wear it as a cover-up when you go swimming or just walking around the beach. It's double purpose.hehehe.

I wore it during our swimming at Anvaya Cove, Morong Bataan last December 28, 2011. Here I am making fun of myself , I wanted to make a jumpshot hehehe.

This one is my Mullet Skirt. It's a perfect outfit for a Party or Formal Occassions.  I paired it with my bodysuit top and I put  this sequined belt for added detail and also sparkly shoes.

I found this cute fabric and it's only P20.00/yard, it's so afforadble, right??? me too can't believe it... At first I thought what will I do with it, then I realized it's only P20 why not buy it. I just lyk the cute colorful print detail, I guess, it's suppose to say "LOUBOUTIN" without the "LOU", it became "BUOTIN" only... hahaha!
Oh! Yah, I'm really a Dressmaker Wanna-Be (lol)...while sewing this top, I asked my mom to take a picture of me...para my konting effect NAMAN...LOL! Oh, how I love sewing...It makes me feel I'm like I'm the girl version of DA VINCCI while painting his work of ART, on the other side... It's ME sewing my work of ART hehehe! :)

Feeling Project Runway lang. Why not? there's no harm in trying, right?


I paired this colorful top with this pleated skirt to create a girly-girly look and with my pink heels... my inspiration for this look parang si barbie lang hahaha :)

Look No.2: WHAT's with the SOCKS???
I really don't know (hahaha!) I just found them in my drawer, it's been a long time since i wear socks... feeling highschool lng and peg ko dito...pa-tweetums! LOL! :)

Look No.3: SHAWTY!!!

Now, without the socks na, that's more like it...i felt more comfortable...hahaha... nainitan ung feet ko sa socks...hahaha...Anyways, with this look nmn, just paired it with this black shorts and a simple accessories...and I'm ready to GO! 


Since crop pants are IN right now, I just thought this look will also make my Top stand-out. If you don't want to show-off your legs, I this look will be nice. Simple yet Catchy... and finished it off with metallic gold pumps for additional effect-ness:)

What was I thinking??? hahaha... I was looking for a skirt in my closet when I found this petticoat, which I transformed into a TUTU Skirt...Well I guess my look turned-out cute, right? Feeling SJP from Sex&the City2, or White Swan with a Twist, or Betsey Johnson or Tessa Prieto and drama ko dito...Hahaha! Watever it is...I kinda lyk my look and I love my sequined shoes too, I never thought I had them in my closet, kya mabinyagan nga!hehehe...As what others say... We just need to have an OPEN MIND when it comes to FASHION. The Result can be SURPRISING :)

Look No.5: DRESS or NOT???

I removed my tutu skirt, and jaraann!!! My Top became a short dress...O di'ba? Instant...LOL! I just have wear something underneath ... or else I don't wan't to see eyes staring at me...heheh! :)

Now you see what I can do with just One Top, I was able to pull-off different looks.
Well, I hope you like my Do-It-Myself Dressmaking Projects. You do not need to be a professional dressmaker to make your own clothes, don't be afraid to explore your talent like what I did. I never study dressmaking in my whole life, I just watch my mom when she alter my clothes and asked her how did she do it. And now, I was able to sew my own clothes out of my curiosity... and I'm enjoying and loving it. Tata! Until my next Do-It-Myself dressmaking project. ~ xoxo TSE

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  1. I like this! came across your blog and the feed redirected to your blog as soon as i typed in DIY kimono top! hope you could give us the pattern or steps on how to make one. thanks!