Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My Ma "ARTI" is-tic Side

As you all know, I don't only love sewing but I also love
 everything about ARTS & CRAFTS..." I Like to make BUTING-TING EVERYTHING"...So, here are some of the things I did for my kids (school projects, etc). I make everything from scratch and with Labor of Love of course! I thank GOD for giving me such a wonderful talent and I will always continue sharing it with my family, friends and with other people.

Here's my own version of Michael Jackson's sequined gloves. My son (Tim-tim) used it on his 7th Birthday. He's a die-hard fan of  The King of Pop. I sew the sequins individually. I think it took me more than 12hours of sewing. That's a lot of effort and patience to me. But, when I finished it it's all worth it. My son was very happy and doesn't want to take it off.

My oldest son (Tam-tam's) ROBOT PROJECT made from shoebox, toothpaste box, soap box, bottle caps, notebook spiral and buttons. I wrapped it in aluminum foil and add some details to make it look really Robotic. 

Tim-tim's GOAT MASK that he used in his school play. At first, I don't know how to do it. So I google pictures of a goat and then I draw and colored it to make it look realistic. 

Another Mask Project, This time it's a DUCK. It's supposed to be a duck beak only, I had a hard time molding it, so I just made a whole duck face. What do you think? Quack..Quack!

Finally, this WOOVEN SLIPPER PROJECT for Tam-tam made of old folder, colored paper and buttons. I'm supposed to make a boy slippers, but I can't think of any designs to put. Girls slippers are more easy to make. Just add some flower details or heart and it will look cute like this.

I really enjoyed when I'm making Art Project for my kids. It really brings out the Artistic Side of me. I am so blessed that I have this talent. Sometimes, I get all my inspirations from other DIY projects I see on TV, books or on other blogs. I know that it's not really that hard doing them. Just bring out your creativity and have fun. Afterall, whatever We do is all a WORK OF ART and that's something We have to be proud of. ~ xoxo TSE

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