Monday, February 20, 2012

Yellow to GO!

I'm not really fond of the color yellow, All my friends know, I'm a PINK Addict, but when I saw this Top, It catches my attention. What I liked about it is that it has this cute owl print on it. It's material is made of chiffon so I can wear it even without an Inner top. 

I just paired it with my Black High-waist shorts and I put this salmon colored belt to give my waist some cinch.

Of course! An Outfit will not be complete without Accessories.

 I'm on my emote-emote shot...LOL!

I loved this wedge shoes. What's good about them is that, even if they are high they don't hurt my feet. They're from Charlotte Russe, I love CR brand, they got tons of fashionable Outfits and shoes too, at an affordable price of course!

I wore this outfit going to the mall with my Aunt, but I just changed my wedges into flats so I can walk for long hours. Otherwise, I'll be " Beauty is Pain" or "Tiis Ganda" (hahaha!)

Lastly, I wanted to take a picture with this Vintage Car Hehe!

Top: Samau Boutique
Shorts: G-Boutique
Belt: SM Accessories
Bangles: SM Accessories
Wedge: Charlotte Russe

I think it's about time to experiment with colors. Just like our colorful world and colorful life. I know that playing with them will make you look fresh, confident and pretty. Just be creative and brave and have fun. ~ xoxo TSE

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