Sunday, February 26, 2012

Ready to RAMPAGE

I'm going to watch a CAR SHOW with my sister-in-law and the kids, wearing this (LOL) why not! hehehe. While waiting for her, I asked my son Tam-tam to take a picture of me. Nakuha din sa pilit. Well, as for my outfit...This is my " I never think about it look" or "Bahala na Look"...(hahaha). Actually, It's my mini dress and I just layered this sheer maxi skirt... As usual, for extra effectness... Feeling ko Ra-rampage ako l8r with the cars...hahaha and since, it's a little bit hot, i don't wanna toast my legs.LOL! I just add this lime color belt for a li'l cinch on my waist and accessories to complete my RAMPAGE look...Now, I'm ready for the runway, ayy! carshow pla...hehehe :)

So, Here's our Fabulous Ride... It's my first time to ride a Porsche... It's so COOL and super fast... My sister-in-law is driving 160 kms/hr but it's like 60 kms/hr only from San Fernando to Angeles City, It's 20mins only I think? I'm still enjoyin' the ride but we already arrived at Marquee Place, Angeles City. Awww! sayang (hehehe)... 

My brother-in-law's vintage car. He loves Vintage or Muscle car so much. This is one of his collection it's a Dodge Challenger and my sister-in-law gave it to him... BONGGACIOUS her! If I'm a Shoe-a-holic Addict, I think he's a Vintage Car Addict (LOL)... Oh well, what can we do? We all have our own Passions and Obsessions, right?

Me and my three kulilit kiddos (Tam-tam, Tim-tim and Ton-ton) :) Yah! I have three boys. Who would have thought these are my kids (hahaha). I'm a proud Mama, my kids are my priceless gift from God, and they give me joy and inspiration. Although sometimes, they're super duper likot and kulit and they're getting on my nerves. But, as what other people say, "that's why they're kids".... OK fine.

With my mother-in-law (Jeng) and little sis-in-law (Choi-choi) ... I know, she's young (hehehe). My real mother-in-law (Mama Beth +) past away more than15years ago. Sad I never met her. My sis-in-law said that she was very, very, very Kind. And now, we have a new mother-in-law (hihihi) and we click :). My Father-in-law is "Grooving-groovy" as what we call him (hahaha), so of course, he gotta to find us a Groovy Mother-in-law too.  

Me, Jeng (center) and my sis-in-law ate Mymy. I'm glad too, that she's always with me when I need help and she's my shoulder to cry on when I'm feeling senti-ness sometimes (hahaha). Here we are, sitting pretty na lang while waiting for our food to arrive.

Of course, the bonding will not be complete without Family Pics, right? 

Dress: People are people
Skirt: H&M
Sunnies: BEBE
Belt: SM Accessories
Bag: Louis Vuitton
Wedge: Boutique

 It was a long day for us, it's so hot and tiring but it's all worth it. We all enjoyed the carshow, especially our kids who went shopping with their Lolo Mario. We we're joking me, Jeng, and Ate Mymy if Papa will also treat us for shopping (hehehe). Anyway, what could be more fun than spending your time with your loved ones. It's priceless, right?  ~ xoxo TSE

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