Saturday, February 11, 2012

SSA Foundation Day

Back to my Alma Mater, I attended my kids Foundation Day. My presence is very important to them since they'll be having dance presentations and I should watch them, or else, they'll get upset. I'm a stage mother, so I also have to take pictures while watching them perform.

As for my outfit, I wore something relaxed and casual, and school-appropriate. As We all know, SSA is very conservative when it comes to what you wear... Since, I can't wear heels, I just wore this cutie top with a heels printed on it, some cover-up (the wind is kinda cold that day) and leggins, and lastly to complete my look, I also wore this ballet flats with cuffs to make it Simple but Chic.

Thanks to my Beauty Maintanence kit that I'm selling online for my youthful glow. Now, I look ten years younger.Hehehe! 

This is my 2nd son Tim-tim in his Angel Costume. 

My youngest son Ton-ton in his bahay-kubo outfit daw.

Photo-ops with my cousins and my kids in their costumes.

My son Tim-tim jumping in this pic, he said he's an Angel that's why he has to look as if he's flying. 

With my Tito, Tita's, Cousins

Sitting pretty while watching the concert. Parang nag picnic lang. hehehe :)

Cardigan: Forever21
Shirt: Outbound
Leggings: Tart
Earrings: Cartier
Necklace: Tiffany&Co.
Flats: People are people

We spend the whole day at SSA, We were all exhausted but We all had fun. And attending the Foundation Day made me feel like I was in school again, Oh! how I miss my highschool life. Hay! If only I could turn back the clock and be young again. ~ xoxo TSE 

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