Friday, September 27, 2013

Boracay Getaway 2013

Here's some photos from our Bora Getaway with my friends. It was my first time to go there so I'm really excited. Our 3 days vacation was so worth it. We all had fun and enjoyed every moment. We had a gastronomic feast and the food was all so yummy and delicious, we ate like there's no tomorrow (hahaha!). We were also lucky that the weather was just fine although there's some light rains during the evening. One thing I also enjoyed the most was the beautiful view of the beach and the white sand and of course our non-stop pictorial. Thanks to my friend Vernon who spoiled us with non-stop photoshoot LOL! 

Our Bora vacation was super worth it and I'll definitely come back!

And that's it for our Bora Getaway! Hope you enjoyed our pics. Until my next post :)

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