Friday, September 20, 2013

I got the Tiger

Jeans : Uniqlo
Watch : Quattro
Bracelet : SM Accessories
Clutch : Basido
Heels : Venus

A printed top and a denim jeans are also one of the fashion staples which in my opinion never really go out of style. I personally don't wear jeans often because I'm not used to wearing it and I feel hot when I wear it (lol!) So, I got a lot of jeans just sleeping in my closet. But sometimes, when I'm in the mood I also wear them because they're so effortless to wear and you can pair them with almost any top. So here's a simple look which I wore on casual day out with friends. I love my top because of the skeletal detail at the back which gave me an instant air condition #lakasmakapulmunya(hahaha!) and to make my look get a little of a statement I wore these spikey heels for an added glam.

And that's it again. Until my next post :)

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