Sunday, June 17, 2012



Top & Skirt : etsetera shop
Necklace : etsetera shop
Belt : Christian Dior
Clutch : Junko Koshino
Shoes : Lovely Shoes

Ever since the 1920′s, the long skirt has had a rough road. Competing against the shorter, more revealing styles, the maxi skirt almost went extinct many times, but has pulled itself back from the brink. Today, the maxi skirt is coming back in many forms from plain and bold prints to sheer and is now taking the Fashion scene by storm.

And, without a doubt! Sheer Skirts is now the new Black!
Maxi skirts are here to stay. The maxi skirt can be made as “you” as you want it to be, from laidback chic to quirky. It is great for every shape and when chosen r
ight, it can hide fashionista’s problem areas and emphasize what needs to be emphasized.

With my look, this is what I wore on Father's Day. After attending to my son's school meeting. We went out and had a simple lunch together with my other family members. It's those little things that means so much, right?

That's it for now. 'Til then...

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