Sunday, January 20, 2013

Absolutely POSH

Top : Imported
Vest : Lasiduire
Hat : SM Accessories
Pearl Necklace : bought in Macau
Bracelets/Ring : Old
Bag : from Italy
Heels : from Hongkong

Here's what I wore last week in a meeting together with my PFB friends and with SM Pampanga's Marketing Staffs (Ms. Chie and Ms. Nikki) about our future collaborations with them *fingers crossed*. OMG! I'm so excited already(hahaha!). I never thought that through my blogging world will open new doors and windows of opportunities for me. I feel so blessed. 

Well anyway, let's talk about my ootd okay? I already had in my mind what to wear on that day but then again I changed my plans(you know! hahaha!). Instead, I opted to wear this classic Black and White combo and of course with matching hat. I was feeling kinda posh that day and I think I was able to achieved that look and it was appropriate to wear in a meeting or a day out. It's like a casual/business attire look with a touch of sophistication and glamour. And, in order for me to keep things classy I just added a few pearl accessories and then finished off my look with these heels which again perfectly matched my whole posh look.

And that's it! What do you think?

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