Friday, January 18, 2013

PFB Clarkisit Interview + Dinner at C' Italian Resto

Well! Hello there once again! Remember I told you on my last post that We (The Pampanga Fashion Bloggers) had our interview with a week ago for a feature and collaboration. Anyway, here are some photos of the interview. We decided to wear the color Emerald (or at least a touch of green in our outfit) because it's 2013's Lucky Color and of course for uniformity. 

It's so funny because before the interview had started everybody were so busy doing their own thing LOL!

Final group shot before heading on our next stop which is our second favorite aside from fashion, well of course what else.... "Eating!" hehehe.

So, after our meeting and interview with Clarkisit, We were invited to dine in one of the best restaurant here in Pampanga which is C' Italian Dining. If you happen to visit Pampanga, this Resto is one place that you shouldn't miss because it is the most famous here and I can say that it's always the "talk of the town". It offers Italian Cuisine and the place was extravagant with lovely interiors and very nice ambiance. A lot of people come here even celebrities and other prominent personalities. For those who do not know, C' is famous for their "Panizza" , it's their best seller and something that you shouldn't miss to eat.

Well, here are some photos of our sumptuous meal at C'.

Panizza Jando (this was my fave )

Panizza Nina 

Finally, PFB had its own plate courtesy of C' (yehey) :)

To the whole staff of C' Italian Dining especially to Nina Pineda and to her Mom, Thank You so much for the sumptuous feast. 

And if you happen to visit Pampanga don't forget to dine at C' located at 1210 Don Juico Ave. Clarview, Angeles City Pampanga.

Well, that's it again. Until my next post :)

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