Friday, March 29, 2013

Baguio Pre-Holyweek Getaway

Hello there again! Here's some photos from our Baguio Getaway with my family.

Enjoy our photos as much as we did enjoyed our vacation :) 

Day 2 ~ Camp John Hay

Camwhoring with my nephew

Going on the Tree Top Adventure

Trying the "Superman" Extreme adventure

Day3 ~ Celebrating Palm Sunday at Baguio Cathedral

Super foggy at our place in Green Valley Village

Day4 ~ Strolling along Burnham Park

Boating... All aboard!

The Skater Boys

... and the Skater Girl hahaha! I'm trying to skate again after 15years. These was my favorite sport during my childhood days and I'm very good at it. Now, I don't know how to use them anymore lol!

Group Shot! Say cheezzze!!!

The Mansion

Of course, Solo flight hihihi!

Mines View Park

The Modern Ifugao Family

Night out at the Purple Club

Day5 ~ Visit to BENCAB's Museum

Our Baguio getaway was really a blast! All I can say was that we really had so much fun on our 5 days vacation from non-stop strolling around the city, eating, sleeping, drinking, shopping and party!party! What more could we ask for? And, what I also enjoyed the most was when we visited BenCab's Museum and seeing all those painting, sculptures and a lot more. They're all really a work of art and all the people who made those were very talented. Next time you visit Baguio City, don't forget to go to BenCab Museum it was really worth seeing for. 

Overall, our vacation was really a Cool Summer!

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