Sunday, March 03, 2013

DIY: How to DIP-DYE short

Today's DIY, I'm teaching you how to transform your old denim shorts into a colorful, dip-dyed version. We've spotted a lot of celebrities and street-style fashionistas wearing these and you too can make one. And it's also a cool way to update an old pair of shorts. All you need is to grab an old shorts in your closet and some creativity and patience. 

In just a few simple steps, you too can have a pair of bright, Summer-ready shorts!

Here's what you need:
Old denim shorts
Rubber Gloves
Assorted Dyes
Hot water

Note: Before you start make sure to wear old clothes which you don't care about to put too much dye on you and cover your area with garbage bags.

Okay! Let's begin....

Presoak your shorts in cool water and remove the excess.

Make your mixture. Add Dye into the basin and add the salt and then stir until completely dissolved.
 Here I used only one color which is pink but it's up to you if you want your shorts to have 2 or more colors.

(Tip: Make sure to read the DYE Label)

Okay, here's the fun part... I'm gonna start dye-ing.

For 2(Two) Colors:
Start with the lighter shade.(Tip: Just Dip. Don't let it soak) 
It's gonna color a little fast. 
Next, flip over darker portion. Dip it in again and bring it out. So cool right?

Here's when worn...

Top : from Bangkok
Earrings : Forever 21
Belt : SM Accessories
Shorts : Lei Jeans
Heels : Sole Desire

Well, that's it! Hope you like it! Make your own version of DIY Dip-dye shorts Now! Until my next post :)

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