Monday, March 04, 2013

DIY: Pearl Sunglasses

This Season, pearls seems to have re-invented themselves and are no longer the type you can only wear to the Opera.

Then, I saw Rihanna wearing a Vintage Chanel pearl sunglasses at the Victoria Secret Fashion Show performance. I got inspired and thought, why not make one for myself.

Trivia : Did you know that, these Pearl Sunglasses were originally from Chanel's 1994 Spring runway show. It just goes to show how timeless Chanel is, and now they are still freakin' HOT! You can buy these sunglasses for $3,200.00 or Php 128,000.00 only! So affordable (hahaha! Just kidding!)

But for the Fashionistas who prefer a bargain but doesn't want to sacrifice style, I made another simple DIY for you. It's so quick and super easy as 1,2,3. And not only that, it won't even cost you any fortune.

Okay! Here's my version of the Chanel inspired pearl sunglasses.

You will need:
A pair of sunglasses (any shape will do like round, cat eye, heart, wire frame, etc )

A strand of pearls ( Faux or real, whatever tickles your fancy )

Heavy duty adhesive ( I used Mightybond )

Yarn and Scissors

Let's get started......

I chose an oversized pair of sunglasses so there would be ample space to see once the pearls are adhered.

I bought these faux pearls at a craft store for only Php 20.00 or  $0.50 per strand. So cheap right? hihi!

Be sure to measure your strand of pearls against the circumference of your glasses to determine the exact number of pearls you will need. I used 27 pieces of pearls each.

Tie a knot. Make sure it's tight and the pearls don't slide along the string. Keeping them on the string will be easier than applying them one by one and you can ensure a more even circle if you were to eyeball it.

Now you can glue the pearls on your sunglasses.  Once the pearls are in place you can adjust them to sure your circle is round. You can add a dab of adhesive to the knot of your string.

Take individual pearls and glue them on the backs and let them sit for a seconds until the adhesive becomes slightly tacky. This will allow you to apply them on the arms of your glasses without them sliding off.

And, you're RUNWAY READY!


Channelling my DIY Pearl Sunglasses. It's so COOL and FASHIONABLE! And I looked like a Fly or a  Bumblebee hahaha! All for the LOVE of FASHION!

Well, there you have it! Hope you enjoyed my DIY. Until my next post :)

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