Monday, March 18, 2013

Basic Instinct

Tank Top : Hanes
Shorts : Wagner
Sunglasses : Cotton On
Watch : Casio
Bracelets : from Italy
Belt : Moschino
Bag : Louis Vuitton Epi leather
Heels : from Hongkong

For a lazy day look (again), you can never go wrong with a basic outfit. And what makes it even more glamorous was this Moschino belt which instantly transformed my look into Class. I've had my eyes on this belt for a long time, but I'm still contemplating whether to get it or not because I wanted to be practical and normally I don't want to spend a sum of money on a belt. Well, I'm so weak and I really couldn't resist it. The reason I find this belt so different is because although it's trendy; it's also pretty classic and iconic. And I swear to myself I gotta have it (by hook or by crook LOL!)

This belt is such a great statement piece to a simple outfit, like these I'm wearing. It's just basically basic pieces of clothing which all of us have in our closet but when I added this belt it instantly spiced up my look. I just added few accessories like this black watch and cutie bracelets. One thing more, I don't really wear watches (ever since the world begun hahaha!). I'm not a watch type of girl (really) because it's not that I don't like them it's just that I felt that my hand was so skinny and  watches are big for me. But now, I find them fashionable and functional and besides I can always have them adjusted. So probably, I'll be wearing watches too (hahaha). And lastly, my look will not be complete (of course) without these leopard heels which also instantly jazz up my whole outfit :)

Again, here's our bonding moment with Kins and Jeroy :)

I had a great time with you Guys! Our whole day of bonding moments, non-stop photo shoot, chatting, laughter was not enough but it was really so fun. And hope to be with you again! Miss you already hahaha!

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