Sunday, July 14, 2013

All is fair in WHITE

Top : from Bangkok
Blazer : Chocolate
Shorts : NYX
Necklace : SM Accessories
Cuff : gift from Tita Lou
Watch : Character
Belt : Esprit
Shoes : Staccato (gift from Tita Aji)

I was really so busy lately and I'm so exhausted with all the chores in our home so I needed a break and some fresh air to breathe-in so I had an instant Saturday Date = Saturdate with my friend Khai and we went out for a day and had a quick sight-seeing and snacks at Mr. Park's Breads and Cakes which was located near Korean Town at Clarkfield. So, here's what I wore on that day, it's another quick outfit post and this time, I'm wearing an All White ensemble. This outfit needed a jolt of color so I added this cutie turquoise necklace which I got from SM Accessories. I love it because it can easily transform any plain outfit look expensive (I think so heheh). I also wore a cuff which had the same color family as my necklace and lastly, finished it off with these comfy shoes to add some fun to my look.

Here's some photos with my friend Khai

And that's it for now. Until my next OOTD :)

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