Monday, July 22, 2013

Animalistic Clash

Top : Salt&Pepper
Leggings : Zara
Sunnies : Mango
Necklace : Pam Accessories
Bag : Gucci
Heels : Brash

Wearing a printed bottom can be very tricky sometimes, so it's really important that it is done right. I had this leopard print leggings for a long and it's just now that I had the courage to wear it (hahaha!) because I'm really not sure before what to pair with it. I'm so happy I found this tiger print top and I think that they perfectly match each other. And now, my stylized version of the leopard print leggings had me covered from casual to edgy and I think that wearing it doesn't really make me look any less sexy and with the right styling, I can look just as hot  #LoL! 

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