Sunday, July 29, 2012

Lovely in Palazzo

Top : Victoria Secret
Palazzo Pants : H&M
Earrings : SM Accessories
Necklace : Robinson's Dept. Store
Belt : The Blacksheep Shop
Bag : Laura Biagotti

Palazzo Pants (pa·laz·zo \pə-ˈlät-(ˌ)sō\ pants)

Definition: are woman's trousers with very wide legs.

It makes us wonder why they were called “palazzo” pants in the first place. Is it because they have legs as big as palaces? Or maybe because they exude elegance yet are airy and comfortable.

Similar to how a maxi skirt works at hiding problem areas, the  Palazzo pants skim over all your bumps and lumps to help create a clean silhouette. The larger, flared hem line helps balance out your shape and the higher waistline defines that area giving you the perfect hourglass figure. 

Palazzo Pants are really versatile, the pants can be worn and styled to suit any number of current trends or occasions that may pop up.

With my look, this is what I wore at my friend's (baby) Christening. I opted to wear a casual girly look so I think that my cream/beige ensemble plus palazzo pants is a perfect outfit for the occassion. Thankfully, the weather is fine that day. I'm a little bit worried because I might get wet on the rain, but still, lucky ME!!! It didn't Yehey!(harhar).
OK! Back to my outfit, what I love about this palazzo pants is that they're so comfortable and of course chic and make legs look like they are miles long!
And with it's chiffon material it's very flowy and really girly-girly for me(hihih!). I paired it with this cutie distressed top, add a gold belt to define my waist and this statement necklace which are my current faves and obsession aside from shoes of course! And finished it off with my wedge shoes for extra height again.

And, that's it for now! Until my next blog.


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