Saturday, July 28, 2012

Seeing Black and White

Dress : NYX Clothing
Belt : Glamour Studio
Necklace : Bvlgari
Bag : Valentino Ghiberty
Wedge : Montego Bay Club

Do you think opposites attract? Or do your eyes glaze over and think ‘boring’ when you see monochromatic black and white? If so, think again. Monochromatic Black and White is more than just an enduring, season-in, season-out trend, it’s also a palate cleanser of the highest order. There is no better example of how enduring it is than Coco Chanel herself (always chic in her black Boucle Chanel suit and a while blouse) and the always gracious Carolina Herrera, whose “uniform” of a while top and black trousers and/or black skirt is the absolute height of elegance and sophistication. The Black and White Monochrome look is also one of the few real trends in women’s fashion. Monochrome is one of the simplest, most chic of looks to work whatever the year and never fails to gain attention when done well, right?

With my look, I wore this simple black dress with small white details on it. I think majority of the color of my outfit is in black so I wore my white wedge to contrast my look. I think that the Black and White Monochrome is likewise easy—and ideal–for creating a fairly effortless travel wardrobe. This dark against light, black with white monochrome fashion look is classic, and the perfect choice right now for anyone with a financially critical wardrobe budget. And, there you have it!

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