Tuesday, October 09, 2012


 Dress : Cushow
Earrings : People are people
Belt : Forever 21
Pumps : Syrup

I cannot think of a nice title for this outfit. I thought of "Pretty Flowy" or "Pretty Sheer" (haist!whatever). Anyway, Carefree na lang nga but oops! not the panty liner LOL! Anyway, probably you will see me with most of my outfit posts in "dresses" because I love them and I also love the good feeling that it gives me and the freedom of wearing them. It's so Carefree!... And that's where I came up with my title(hahaha!) O di'ba my konek nmn heheh.

OK! With my OOTD, I love this dress because it's not the usual color that I wear and I love how it flows because of the fabric. At first I thought that it's a little bit long because it's below my knees and it might make me look smaller, but just by wearing the right kind of shoes it will give your legs an illusion to appear longer. (Pang-daya hehehe!). See, I look so tall di'ba? Thanks to my heels (hihi!). I just added a thin belt to accentuate my waist and simple jewelries for a classy look and to give contrast to my dress, I wore my leopard heels. And YES! I wore them in my class luckily there's not a lot of walking(LOL!)

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