Thursday, October 25, 2012

I'm too SEXY for my shirt

T-shirt/dress : People are people
Shorts : Mandee USA
Vest : New Found Happiness
Spike Bracelet : Samau Boutique
Bag : Lapaz Blanca
Booties : Forever 21

My always and forever will be pose(hahaha!). Look down, look on the side, to the left, to the right, ang ganda ng hair ko pose! What can I do??? I can't think of any more poses in my blog. It's hard din pala when you run out of poses. Try ninyo, kayo kaya mag pose! (hehehe!just kiddding). Anyway, I'm trying to catch mother rain from pouring so I had to do my outfit shots in a jiffy.

OK! On to my OOTD, I'm aware that there's a typhoon today, but I really can't think of anything to wear aside from this shirt which is actually a T-shirt dress that I just tucked-in on the front and left it loose at the back. I love the print on it which says "COOL ISN'T ONE WAY STREET. WE MAKE THE CITY STREETS OUR RUNWAY". I totally agree! Unfortunately, the print didn't show-off(hehehe!my bad). Anyway, back to my ootd, I paired this Tee with my nag "shorts" ka pa look (a.k.a "short shorts" or my shorts when I was 7 years old herher!) I also added this vest to give it an awesome fashion-y piece that add some pop to a simple outfit. So that makes this simple Tee and shorts something special and of course totally CHIC! Whatever your style is, I think that a Vest is also a great accessory to have in any closet. And finally, I added this colorful spike bracelet for some color and without looking dull, and finished off with my cutie booties :)

So, what do you think? Am I too COOL for my shirt? LOL!

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