Thursday, October 25, 2012

October Instagram

1.Ooth:Pearls on Top 2.IELTS Review 3.Forever 21 Haul 4.Cutie Pearl-y purse 5.Bonding with my girls @Bap'sGrill 6.Sparkly Heels 7.Ana-Me-Jec 8.Ton&Gabe 9.Kid's Bonding @Rafa's 7th Birthday 
1.Precious Moments 2.Ootd:Ruffles Anyone??? 3.Ootd:Pink&Leopard 4.Ootd:Dots 5.Halloween Decors 6.Ootd: Carefree 7.Sephora&Benefit Love 8.Ootd:Short Notice 9.Fluffy mallows
1.Golden Spike 2.Candid Shot with Khai 3.Ootd:Cheetah girl 4:Ootd:Sweet in floral 5.Birthday photo-op with my girlfriends 6.Candy gift from Tim-tim 7.Birthday Wish 8.Sweet and Simple 9.Ootd: Ruffles and Purple 
1.BrightFM 91.9 radio guesting 2.Color block heels 3.Yummy birdie cake 4.Up close with Phil and James Younghusband 5.NU Pep Squad 6.Sitting Pretty with Dalsa 7.The Kick-off @Woodgrove Park with my kiddos 8.Hello???Telephone? 9.Toys for the little boys  
1.RWFM 95.1 guesting 2.Photo-op with Khai 3.Lunchdate after the radio interview 4.Yummy lunch 5.My little Fashionista niece Xai-xai 6.Banana split overload 7.Closet full of nothing to wear 8.Quote for the day 9.My Shoe Wishlists

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