Sunday, December 30, 2012

Merry GO Bazaar

Well HELLO there once again! Finally, I am posting what had happened during our very first and (hopefully not the last LOL!) "MERRY GO BAZAAR" featuring the Pampanga Fashion Bloggers and other participants which took place last December 23, 2012 at Graceland Restaurant, Balibago Angeles City. Certainly, the event was really successful I must say. It was a day and night full of Food, Fun and of course Fashion. I was just a bit disappointed with my booth and table because it was too tiny and I couldn't display all my stuffs. The venue was really small for us participants and it's too crowded so we really had to squeeze in with the (small) space that was alotted for us. But anyway, hopefully on our next bazaar it wouldn't be like that anymore. 

Well, I wasn't able to take a lot of pictures for the reason that I was too busy selling my stuffs so I only took some from my phone and also grabbed from my friend/co-blogger Kins Gonzales (Thanks again). It was really a tiring day for us but I'm still happy because once again I was able to spend some time with my co-bloggers/friends and enjoyed the bazaar and for me that's priceless. I'm looking forward for our next bazaar which is coming soon..... 

We were so haggard-ness and hungry-ness after the bazaar so we treated ourselves for some BBQ for dinner and pig-out(hahaha!)

Jeroy, Kins and ME

Well, there you have it again. Until my next post :)

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