Thursday, December 06, 2012

Twilight Date

Dress : 951 Shop
Belt : Wetseal
Necklace : Marquee Mall
Bracelets : Mix
Ring : Gifts Ahoy
Bag : Celine (Paris)
Heels : Boutique

With my Twitart's busy schedule finally I was able to snatched some quality time with him and watched "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2". It's better late than never(LOL!). It's just this kind of time when we can relax both and spend some sweet moments together ~LOVE.LOVE.LOVE~ *Giggle*. Feeling high school lang ang peg (HAHAHA!) Why not? I think that in every relationship it's very important to still spend some quality time together with your partner and always keep the romance alive no matter how busy you are. Am I right? That's what we do even if sometimes we're like cats and dogs(HAHAHA!). I guess it's just a test on how stronger our relationship will be.

Anyway, enough of my blah-blah's and back to business. This was my movie-date outfit, I wore a maxi dress because it's very versatile and fun yet totally appropriate to wear for every where you are going. It doesn't matter what your body shape was because anybody can pull off this style. Another thing I love about this dress was that it also gave me an extra cover since the movie house is a bit cold. In short "instant blanket" for me hahaha! I just kept my accessories simple because the dress was lovely itself and then I finished off my look with these nude heels.

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