Wednesday, May 15, 2013

MINT to be

 Cover-up : The AC Shop
Bodycon Dress : H&M
Necklace : from Italy
Belt : Vintage
Beacelets : Forever 21
Clutch : from Japan
Heels : Boutique

What I love about the color Mint Green is that aside from it's pleasing to the eyes, it's a cool hue and gives all our fashion basics a refreshing twist. And this simple cover-up transformed my simple dress into something fashionable and classy. We usually wear cover-ups when we go to the beach because they give some added chic-ness to our swimsuit, but now this basic piece can also be worn in so many ways.

With my look, I just paired my simple dress with this cover-up to add so coolness to my outfit. This color is also perfect this summer because it gives a freshness feeling to any wardrobe. I also added a belt to cinch my waist and a few accessories for a touch of elegance and class and to finish off my look I wore these sparkly heels. Sometimes, we just need to experiment with our outfits and have fun with fashion and who knows we be surprise with the outcome.

And that's it again! Until my next post :)

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