Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Pastel Delight

Top : Gie Shop
Earrings & Bracelets : Forever 21
Belt : Gift
Bag : from Hongkong
Heels : Sole Desire

As the saying goes "God could not be everywhere, that's why he created Mothers" and I really agree with that because I know the feeling of being a mother and I myself is one of them. 

Probably, the true essence of being a woman aside from maintaining the beauty inside and out is having a courage to face life being a mother to her child and be strong enough to live in this world. A person with loads of understanding , femininity as well as a tower of strength to her family and friends. 
A woman is the other half of her spouse. To be cherished loved and respected. And that is the true essence of being a MOTHER.

 Anyway, it's another late outfit post for me because I was really so busy with my life right now especially I have no maid to help me so I was really a #dakilangnanay this month and hopefully this month only ( Oh! please!!) because our maid went home to their province for a vacation and I have no choice but to do all the chores she left. I thought I was not able to update my blog but of course I wouldn't let that to happen, don't worry I'm a multi-tasker and a supermom so I think I can do anything(LOL!)

So, with my look, here's what I wore last Mother's day which happened two weeks ago. My family attended mass on the morning and we had a simple dinner at a Japanese Resto with my brother-in-law and his family, so it's a double family dinner date(hihih). OK! Going back with my OOTD, I wore this top with a lace detail and paired it with this high-low skirt to bring out the girly-ness in me. To add some sophistication and class, I added this pearl belt and also wore these pearl earrings. To finished it off, I wore these chunky heels to add contrast to my pastel colored outfit.

And this is my simple Mother's Day look. Until my next post :)

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